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Steve Gormley – Solo Exhibition

Steve Gormley – Solo Exhibition

An amazing visual voyage through the solo photography exhibition of Steve Gormley took place on February 10, 2024, at Silkwood Studio. The event showcased Gormley’s status as an esteemed photographer, known for his mesmerizing fashion and sports photography. The breadth of Gormley’s creative vision was shown, however, as his creative lens also explored the domains of environment and architecture.

Amazing things happened at Silkwood Studio that day. Models, photographers, and other creatives flocked to see Gormley’s one-of-a-kind exhibition. The studio, now a haven for creative expression, served as the perfect setting for Gormley’s varied oeuvre.

The event gave guests a taste of Gormley’s range by showcasing a selection of his most interesting and diverse works. Whether it was the ethereal charm of carefully staged fashion shots or the uncontrolled fervor caught in time during athletic events, the photographs on show represented a multitude of emotions and experiences. In addition to demonstrating his mastery of a wide range of subjects, Gormley’s camera deftly examined the minute aspects of spectacular nature vistas.

Because of Silkwood Studio’s inviting atmosphere, Gormley was able to showcase his talent at capturing his subjects’ essences. The exhibition showcased the power of visual storytelling with a night that everyone who went will never forget. In addition to showcasing his artistic talent, Steve Gormley’s solo exhibition brought together a community of people who value the impact of compelling visuals in an exciting and engaging way.

John Cade – Solo Exhibition

John Cade – Solo Exhibition

To mark the Re-Launch of Silkwood Studio we currently have an exhibition by Bradford-based street photographer John Cade.

In the realm of street photography, where every candid moment tells a story of urban life, one name has emerged as a standout talent: John Cade. Hailing from the vibrant city of Bradford, John Cade’s distinctive photographic style has captivated viewers far and wide. Now, his work takes center stage as he prepares to exhibit his captivating street photography at Silkwood Studio.

John Cade’s lens has been finely attuned to the heartbeat of Bradford’s streets, capturing the essence of daily life, the unique characters that inhabit the city’s corners, and the hidden narratives that unfold in plain sight. His photography is a testament to the power of observation and storytelling through images.

This exhibition is running until 5 November 2023
John Cade Film and Photography