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Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the FAQs page of Silkwood Studios! Here, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help address any inquiries you may have about our studio and services. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our “Contact Us” page for further assistance. Our friendly team is always ready to help!

Hire the studio

Is the lighting equipment included in your hire prices?

Yes all lighting equipment is included in the hire price, a full list is here

Whats kind of props do you have?

We have tables, chairs, sofas, cushions, dresses and lots of other things too numerous to mention here, there is a non exhaustive list here. If you want something specific you can ask and if we’ve got it we’ll find it for you.

What kind of backgrounds do you have?

We have various canvas, scenic backgrounds (eg. woods, autumn leaves, library), muslins. There are some paper rolls that you’re welcome to use free of charge, be aware they may have marks on them and they may not be full rolls.

Does the space come with a camera?

Unfortunately, a camera isn’t included in our hire price. We have a house camera, a Canon 5d MKIII available to hire for an extra charge.

What is the natural light like?

Beautiful and soft in the daylight hours.

Do you have a changing room?

Yes we have a lovely changing room with a clothes rail, hooks, mirrors, table and make up lights.

Will the lights be set up for me?

We will always make sure you know how the lights work and help you to connect them to your camera, you are responsible for positioning and setting up your own lights. If you want the lights to be set up for you there is a small additional charge of £30.

Do you have extension leads?

There are lots of plug sockets around Silkwood Studio, we have lots of extension leads that you can use.

Can we use the whole space?

Yes, when you hire Silkwood Studio you have use of all the space, all 3000 square feet of it.

Can Silkwood Studio be blacked out?

We have recently invested in blackout curtains at one end off the studio. The studio is not completely pitch black but the light is controllable in the main area of the studio. (21/5/2024)

Is the studio soundproof?

The studio isn’t soundproof although there is very little sound around.

Do you have drink making facilities?

Yes we have a kitchen with a kettle, microwave and a small fridge which can be used for your food. You’re welcome to help yourself to the tea and coffee, there might even be some biscuits as well.

Is there parking available?

We have parking outside the studio, if this is full there is either an additional car park just up the road behind the newsagents or you can park on the road, please be aware of the double yellow lines.

Can i come visit then studio before I hire it?

Yes you’re welcome to come and visit by arrangement – drop me an email or give me a ring to arrange a day and time.

How much do you charge to hire the space?

Full details of pricing is here

Are you open weekends?

Yes, we’re open at weekends, please note the price is different to during the week.

Can a group of us hire the studio?

Yes, you can get together with your friends to hire the space between you. Please be mindful there is a different hire rate for 6+ attendees and corporate bookings.

How do you book the studio?

We have recently updated our website to a more convenient booking system.
Simply pick the applicable package for your needs and our booking system will show availability. If you have an idea for a bulk booking that you are finding hard to manage on the system, please call 07342 566 985

Is Silkwood Studio on the ground floor?

We’re on the first floor up a wide flight of stairs. There is a service lift that must be requested before the day as this is old and requires the landlord to gain access. (Strictly no persons allowed in the lift)

How can I contact Silkwood Studios for further assistance?

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, you can give us a call at [insert phone number]. Alternatively, you can visit our website and navigate to the “Contact Us” page, where you’ll find a contact form. Fill in the necessary details, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Why does it cost more for teams of 6+

Running a studio can get quite messy, more people = more mess. The increased fee is to help with cleaning costs. Not only that more people use more resources, with bills at an all time high it is necessary to increase the cost to support more visitors in the studio. Hope this helps.

Can we build a set at the studio?

Clients are welcome to build a set at the studio, all we ask is that you book enough time for construction and take down and leave the space as you found it. An additional charge will be applied for any excessive mess or damage caused in the process.