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A perfect hire Photography Studio

Our studio is large and open with high ceilings and plenty of character.
Within our 3000 square feet studio space we have created many spaces to be creative in, all of which you can use to fulfill your ambitions.
Of course, you aren’t restricted to those spaces, you can also use any other part of the studio if you want, for instance, the wooden staircase, steel pillars, or the large central open area.

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Colorama for days

with over 50 rolls of 2.72m Colorama in stock, we’re sure that we will have a colour to match your shoot.

Vibrant hues are infused into photography by Colorama, transforming ordinary shots into exceptional ones. It gives photographers the ability to accentuate details, arouse feelings, and produce eye-catching images. Unleash your creativity with Colorama and use it to paint your surroundings in a variety of brilliant hues, making sure that your images make a powerful impression.

And even better, all our Colorama is included in the hire price. Bonus.

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Heritage Panel

With Silkwood Studio’s newest offering, the Victorian Panelled Wall in a deep, rich vintage green, travel back in time. For photographers looking to capture enduring beauty and sophistication, this stunning backdrop is a dream come true. It is expertly crafted, oozes the charm of a bygone period, and serves as the perfect blank canvas for your imaginative ideas. Utilise the appeal of Victorian opulence to take the level of your photo sessions to new heights. Let history inspire your creativity by scheduling your session right away.

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Natural Light Space

Our amazing large natural light area has north facing windows so there is always soft light even on the dullest of days coming though the large windows. There is a white painted stone wall and a dark blue wall to lean against as well as large windowsills to sit or stand on.

Features of the Window Area

  • Large area
  • Big north facing windows
  • Soft light
  • Laminate floor
  • Shoot from different angles
  • Ideal for silhouettes
  • Dreamy close-ups

White Infinity Cove

Our 4 metre by 4 metre white infinity cove is ideal for bright clean high-key images. Whether for fashiondancegymnastic or products you will get a crisp clean look.

There is another 6 metres in front of the cove which is ideal when shooting with long lenses.

For photographers the infinity coves 4 metres height is perfect for getting your dancers jumping without fear of losing them out of shot.

For videographers the infinity cove is great for talking head videos and has plenty of space all around for your lights.

Features of the Infinity Cove

  • 4m wide and 4m high
  • Plenty of space for lights
  • Can shoot with a long lens
  • Crisp high-key images

Grey and White Wall Spaces

Our versatile grey wall can be lit in so many different ways for creative images; low key images using hard lighting to get a dark background and dramatic shadows, softer lighting for a light grey background or gels for unique and exciting results.

The white wall can be lit for a crisp high key look or left unlit resulting in a soft grey which is ideal for headshots

Features of the Grey and White Wall Area

  • Great for headshots
  • Dramatic shadows
  • Variety of looks
  • White floor
  • Plenty of space
  • Shoot from lots of angles

Other Areas

There is 3000 sq ft of space to experiment including white walls, paper rolls, a stone wall, wooden steps, lift doors, grungy corner, metal pillars and a huge open space in the middle of the studio for setting up backgrounds and props.

The only limitation is your own imagination.


  • Large open areas
  • Colorama paper rolls
  • Lots of nooks and crannies
  • Plenty to experiment with
  • Different styles possible
  • Use the whole space
  • Flexibility
  • Different features