This Month:
Shot in the Studio

We had an amazing shoot by Jo Hernandes.
Here’s what he came up with…


Introducing Jo Hernandes

When I was just a young boy, maybe like seventeen
I would talk to my father, told him about my dreams
And often he would tell me don’t rush to be a man
I heard the words that he spoke but could not understand
‘Cause to me life was easy, it was just fun and games
Until I saw that people were filled with so much pain
It’s harder to share sometimes, easier to pretend
The way we treat each other, I just don’t comprehend
Last night I heard a story too crazy to be true
I wouldn’t dare repeat it, what are we gonna do?
And as we figure it out, the time just slips away
Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow, just be glad you’ve got today

Model name: Felix Prince
Instagram: @repeatoutfitoffender