Product photography plays a vital role in the cutthroat e-commerce industry, especially on sites like Amazon, where every sale counts. Silkwood Studio, located close to Leeds, knows how important it is to take beautiful pictures that highlight your items. Here, we’ll take a look at some guidelines for Amazon sellers when it comes to product photography.

Purchase High-Quality Tools
Invest in high-quality photography equipment to create a firm foundation. Taking photos that are both sharp and well-lit requires a high-quality camera, sturdy tripod, and proper lighting equipment. To make sure our clients’ products stand out on Amazon, we use professional equipment at Silkwood Studio.

Enhance Picture Clarity
For product listings, Amazon suggests utilising photos with a bare minimum of 1000 pixels on the shortest side. Not only can high-resolution photographs make your goods look more professional, but they also give customers a better idea of what they’re getting.

Make Use of a Neutral Background
According to Amazon’s rules, product photos should have a white background. Customers are better able to concentrate on the product at hand when this is in place. All of the product photos taken here at Silkwood Studio have a uniformly white background because we use cutting-edge lighting techniques.

Display Alternative Perspectives
Before buying, consumers want to view the thing in all its glory. To give a whole picture, use a variety of photos showing various viewpoints, close-ups, and angles. Silkwood Studio collaborates closely with its clients to photograph their products from all angles, highlighting their distinctive qualities.

Emphasise Product Information
Emphasise the superiority of your products by focusing on their intricate nuances. Things with complicated designs or special characteristics need this extra care. At Silkwood Studio, we take great care to capture every subtle detail of our products in our pictures.

Keep All Pictures Looking the Same
Keep all of your product photos looking the same. This makes the storefront look more organised and professional, which makes customers feel more comfortable making a purchase. If you want your brand to stand out on Amazon, you need to be consistent across all aspects, including colour scheme, lighting, and background.

Adhere to Amazon’s Standards for Product Images
To stay out of trouble with product listings on Amazon, make sure to follow their image standards. Ensure that your photos adhere to the platform’s defined standards for size, file formats, and more. We at Silkwood Studio make it a point to monitor Amazon’s guidelines so that our clients’ listings always meet their expectations.

Being an expert Amazon product photographer calls for practice, focus, and knowledge of the platform’s standards. Located close to Leeds, Silkwood Studio is home to a team of experts that are devoted to assisting Amazon merchants in creating high-quality product images. Improving your product listings and making shopping more appealing for customers can be achieved by following these best practices.